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At Twice as Nice Antiques, we believe every antique has a story. Looking deeper into the time period, culture, and location of the item is what we thrive on. Since our team is passionate about the industry, we have a knack for acquiring antiques that are beautiful and valuable. We boast the best selection in Arcadia, FL, and are excited to share in the fun of discovering each antique’s history and story. Our items include antique furniture, clothing, books, coins, toys, linens, kitchenware, and jewelry. Ask our expert staff to help you find the items you’re looking for, and enjoy the surprise of coming across unexpected treasures as well. Every item we acquire is of the highest quality and beauty. Whether it’s a piece of artwork from the Victorian Era or a mahogany desk from the Civil War, we guarantee you’ll find a new treasure during every visit. 

Since our staff members are antique enthusiasts who know a good value when they see it, all of our items are appropriately and competitively priced. Find collectibles of unmatched character for the lowest prices in the area. We see the immense value in many of the everyday, secondhand goods you love the most. That’s why we offer the best rates so you can purchase all the items you want without breaking the bank.

Choose Twice as Nice Antiques for the best vintage goods and collectibles the region has to offer. Appreciate the beauty, character, and history of each piece. Call us today for more information or stop in to browse our selection.

Our Stock Includes:

● Furniture ● Jewelry
● Clothing ● Books
● Toys ● Coins
● Linens ● Kitchenware ● Art